This blog entry collects some useful tips and tricks to bring your Macbook back to life.

Reset Parameter RAM:

Press the Command + Option + P + R during boot. (Press it during power on until you see the Apple Logo)

Boot into Recovery Mode:

Press Command + R during Power On and wait until you see the Apple Logo.

Reset Parameter Ram on Shell (e.g. in Recovery Mode Terminal):

$ sudo nvram boot-args=""

Start with Verbose Ouput:

Press Command + V and Power on the macbook

Activate Single User Mode: (you will see also the verbose output)

Press Command + S during Power On.

Then you can check the filesystem and mount the StartUp disk rw and boot (just follow the onscreen help)


If you want do remove unsupported Kext Files, just compare the content of the directories:

Boot into Recovery Mode and open the Terminal (from Utilities Menu):

$ ls /Library/Extensions   <---- this is the content of Recovery Partition
$ mount -rw /
$ cd /Volumes/Machintosh HD/Library/Extensions
$ ls                       <----- compare this output with the recovery partition
$ mkdir Unsupported

now move all kext most likely unsupported to the new directory.

in my case i moved:

$ mv BJUSBLoad.kext Unsupported/
$ mv CIJUSBLoad.kext Unsupported/

Macbook Recovery

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